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I have played with many of pop music’s biggest names and, alongside them, some of its smallest. Since I moved to London I’ve toured all over the world in every style and genre from orchestras to rock bands. I’ve done sessions for records, films, adverts and TV shows and worked on many West End shows including “Billy Elliot The Musical” which was my chair for eleven years. You can see some of the people I’ve played and recorded with on my artists and discography pages. 


Over the last few years, as the way people make records has changed, I’ve developed and grown my studio, The Drumshed, into a state of the art master quality tracking facility from where I’m able to record drums for people in a very economical and efficient way. With a huge selection of new and vintage drums and a wealth of experience in sessions (both remote and traditional) I can provide a very easy and cost effective way of getting a great drum track specifically tailored to your project.


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